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Bellking Vibration Reduction Equipment Manufacturing (Kunshan) Co., Ltd is a modern high-tech enterprise focusing on providing overall solutions to vibration control problems for various industries. It has many years of experience in manufacturing vibration reduction products for industrial plants and anti-micro-vibration products for equipment.
Products include air mounts, spring mounts, hanging mounts, inert shock base, anti micro vibration platform and so on. Support the personalized customization of existing products and provide customized production of vibration isolators.
Bellking provides not only vibration isolators, but also engineering solutions to solve vibration and impact problems!

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Scientific selection of existing models | Specific parameters 1:1 customization

Professional vibration isolators manufacturers
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  • Research and development strength
  • Quick delivery
  • Customized Solutions
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Focus on R & D, strength customization

16 national invention patents

-More than 10 research and development team members have conducted academic research with universities and enterprises, and have won 16 national patents.
-Bellking Co.,Ltd has been awarded the National High-tech Enterprise & Jiangsu Private science and technology Enterprise.
- Scientific research and improvement from product material, service life and other dimensions, and constantly improve products to meet the new market demand.

High yield, high quality and quick supply

100,000 pieces of annual output value

- 2000 ㎡ production base, with welding robot, automatic spraying device, CNC machining center and other CNC equipment.
- All products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, the conventional optional products 24 hours of delivery, to ensure punctual delivery.
- With salt spray testing machine, tension and pressure testing machine, American AI vibration spectrum tester and other testing equipment, the finished product can be issued factory testing and third-party testing report.

Customized solution to meet the needs

Provide vibration reduction plan within 24 hours

- Support non-standard customization according to the actual parameter requirements of the equipment, and issue the customization plan within 3 working days.
- Demand communication - demand confirmation - scheme design - scheme confirmation - sales - order production, one-stop customization service process.
- Engaged in multi-field equipment vibration isolators customization, 24 hours to provide vibration reduction solutions in line with environmental requirements, to meet customer needs.

After-sales service, immediate response

One year warranty period

- The product is free of charge for 1 year warranty period, the product is attached with installation instructions, provide on-site technical guidance.
- 24 hours immediate response mechanism, if there is a special problem, technical engineers arrive at the customer site 24 hours.
- Regular optional products will be delivered within 24 hours. If there is a special emergency, the company can make special arrangements for self-delivery.

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